Workspace Solutions

Workspace Solutions

Kreg Workspace Solutions allow you to make any place your workspace. Whether you work in a dedicated shop, in your garage, or on your driveway or patio, Kreg offers a solution that makes it easy to create a hardworking, sturdy workspace that suits your space, your tasks, and your needs.

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Accessorize Your Bench

Add these great accessories to get even more from your Kreg Universal Bench.

3" Dual-Locking Casters
Item# PRS3090

Add mobility to your Universal Bench with our heavy-Duty casters, built to last and perform.


Bench Clamp System
Item# KKC3-SYS

The Kreg Bench Clamp System Lets you create a 360° clamping station just about anywhere – even at the very center of your workbench – without having to lose your perfectly flush at work surface. 

Bench Dogs
Item# KKS1070

These 3/4" reinforced nylon Bench Dogs Include several features that will help make your next project easier. Perfect for routing, cutting, and sanding.


Clamp Vise

The Kreg Clamp Vise Combines a 3" Bench Clamp with an anodized aluminum plate to create a simple, highly effective bench vise. 

So many possibilities with a wide Selection of bench sizes!

14" x 14"  35.5cm x 35.5cm
14" x 20"  35.5cm x 50.8cm
14" x 28"  35.5cm x 71.1cm
14" x 44"  35.5cm x 111.7cm
14" x 64"  35.5cm x 162.5cm
20" x 20"  50.8cm x 50.8cm
20" x 28"  35.5cm x 71.1cm
20" x 44"  35.5cm x 111.7cm
20" x 64"  35.5cm x 162.5cm
28" x 28"  71.1cm x 71.1cm
28" x 44"  71.1cm x 111.7cm
28" x 64"  71.1cm x 162.5cm
44" x 44"  111.7cm x 111.7cm
44" x 64"  111.7cm x 162.5cm
64" x 44"  162.5cm x 162.5cm

Features at a Glance

To complete your Universal Bench, just add a bench top made from your choice of material, and then outfit your bench with custom accessories.

Universal Bench Sizes

With 30 possible configurations, there is a Universal Bench option to fit every space, every project, and every need.

The Universal Bench is a system of rails and adjustable-height legs that are available in multiple sizes. By combining legs and rails, you can create a customized workbench, tool stand, outfeed table, or assembly stand in 15 possible sizes—from 14"x14" up to 64"x64"—and two different adjustable heights, to fit your space, your projects, and your needs.

Let's say you want a workbench, and you've decided it needs to be 2-foot by 4-foot and 31" tall to fit your space and project needs. First choose a set of tall legs. They're adjustable anywhere between 29" and 35". Next, choose your width by adding one set of 44" rails. Then, choose your depth with one set of 20" rails. Make a 2-foot by 4-foot top, and you'll have the exact bench you want.

Maybe you need a tool stand that's small but sturdy. You could choose one set of tall legs, one set of 14" rails for the width, and another set of 14" rails for the depth. You'll end up with a 14"x14" stand that adjusts from 29" to 35" tall. Add a set of optional casters, and you can make your tool stand mobile.

What if your garage floor isn't level, and you need a big, flat surface where you can assemble projects accurately? Choose one set of short legs. Their 15¼" to 21¼" height range will set your assembly table at the perfect height. Add two sets of 64" rails, and you'll have a 64"x64" table with legs that you can adjust individually to create a flat, level work surface.

Universal Bench Sizes

To complete your Universal Bench, just add a bench top made from your choice of material, and then outfit your bench with custom accessories.


Get organized and create great work space with the Kreg Universal Bench. You can easily create a workbench, assembly table, tool stand, or outfeed table in a custom size to fit your space, your projects, and your needs.

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