Drawer Slide Jig

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Install Drawer Slides the Fast, Easy Way for Drawers that Slide Smoothly and Fit Perfectly Every Time

  • Accurate slide positioning with built-in indexing tabs
  • Repeatable results without measuring and marking
  • Versatile for use in cabinets, cases and more
  • Reversible to mount slides to cabinets and drawer boxes
  • Secure for holding slides in place as you work
  • Strong, lightweight materials for easy handling

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The Drawer Slide Jig takes the guesswork out of installing drawer slides. This easy-to use jig holds slides in position as you drill mounting holes in the cabinet, and it supports drawer boxes while mounting slides to the drawer. Plus, the Jig works with ball-bearing, epoxy-coated and undermount slides for perfect positioning every time.

The Drawer Slide Jig simplifies drawer installation by aligning slides in the cabinet and on the drawer. Built-in tabs make the jig easy to align to support the slide inside the cabinet, and to support the drawers as you attach the slides to them. The jig is simple to use, and it ensures that every drawer fits properly and operates smoothly.

Whether you’re updating cabinets or you’re building a project from scratch, mounting drawers is always a challenge. The slides have to be level, straight and positioned properly, or the drawers won’t operate well. The Drawer Slide Jig takes the guesswork out of the process by indexing with the cabinet frame (or side on frameless cabinets) for perfect alignment. 

The jig keeps the drawer slide level and straight while you install it into the cabinet. Then, the jig clamps on so it protrudes from the cabinet to support the drawer while you drive screws into the drawer box. With this jig, you’ll know that your slides are positioned correctly, so your drawers will operate smoothly.

The Drawer Slide Jig consists of two brackets that clamp in place inside the cabinet – one on each cabinet side – and align with the cabinet face frame (or with designated marks on frameless cabinets) to support the drawer slide as you drill mounting holes. The brackets are also reversible to protrude from the cabinet, and then clamp in place perfectly aligned to support the drawer as you mount the slides to the drawer box. The Drawer Slide Jig works with almost all types of drawer slides, including ball-bearing, epoxy-coated and undermount slides.

The Drawer Slide Jig is designed to be intuitive for beginners to use, but robust enough for professionals. All you need are the slides that you need, a clamp and the Drawer Slide Jig, and you’re ready to install drawer slides just like a pro. Whether you’re installing one drawer or dozens, the Drawer Slide Jig provides fast, consistent results.


Cabinet Compatibility

Face-frame and frameless

Slide-Length Compatibility

12" (30.5 cm) and longer

Slide-Type Compatibility

Ball-bearing, epoxy-coated, undermount

Positioning Sliders

Two per bracket

Minimum Cabinet Depth

14" (35.5 cm)

Clamping Positions


In the Box

(2) brackets
(4) upper/lower sliders – installed
(1) owner’s manual  


Proposition 65

Manual North American Manual
Global Manual

Reviews for "Drawer Slide Jig"

Average Review:


These work great! They save a lot of guess work, measuring, test fitting and all the other fun stuff mounting drawer slides. These will save you a ton of time and your better half won't be hearing a whole bunch of cussing coming from your shop. One reviewer said they can not be used on a bottom drawer. Well I just built a night table with 3 drawers and used it on all three drawers with no problems.


By Duane Heda

May 22, 2019

Great product

This the third jig I have use to install drawer guides and it is far superior to the other to. The jig lined up parallel a held the heavy 22” guide without any help.


By George Wilmore

April 29, 2019


I was unable to use the Drawer slide jig on an eight drawer desk. I dont think I will be using it because it requires more space than I allow. Usually, I space drawers into openings with about an eighth in above and below. My dust panels usually interfered with jig use. I am disappointed in it.


By Charles Long

October 30, 2018

Some info i didn’t know

This product works great except one thing they dont tell you. It does NOT work for the bottom drawer (or a single drawer) of a cabinet. I bought it for a project with only one drawer and was unable to use it. I have since used it for another project and it does work good for multiple drawers


By Steven Wood

May 9, 2018


Anything Kreg has to help do things BETTER is always a plus for a DIY guy like myself!!!!


By Jack W Kline

September 9, 2016

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