Clamping Options for the Kreg Jig® R3

posted 10/26/2015 in Kreg Tool Tips: Clamping by Kreg Tool Company

Clamping the R3

With your Kreg Jig® R3 properly set to the match the thickness of your material, you are ready to clamp the jig in place and start drilling. Depending on the type of work you’re doing, you’ve got several clamping options:

For the majority of applications, any simple bar clamp or C-clamp will work just fine to keep the jig clamped securely to your workpiece while you drill pocket holes.

With the included Clamp Pad Adapter, the Kreg Jig® R3 can be connected directly to any one of the Kreg® Face Clamps when you need to take your work on the go or just get faster and more repeatable pocket holes.

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