Get MORE from your Foreman!

posted 10/29/2014 in Company News by Kreg Tool Company

See the NEW Foreman Pocket-Hole Machine in action!

The all-new Foreman Pocket-Hole Machine lets you create high-speed pocket holes with twice the speed and half the effort of a standard pocket-hole jig. The Foreman comes with a standard 3/8" Kreg stepped drill bit to get you started -- for materials from 1/2"- to 11/2"-thick. To meet all of your project-building needs, it's also compatible with the Kreg Micro-Pocket™ Bit and the Kreg Heavy-Duty Bit.

The Foreman DB210 can drill high-speed pocket holes in 1/2"-thick material and narrow stock, down to 1"-wide. All you need is the Foreman Micro-Pocket™ Drill Bit with Drill Guide. This bit is perfect for adding detail, building cabinet frames, doors, and drawers, and for smaller projects. A Micro-Pocket™ Replacement Bit without Drill Guide is also available.

Additionally, with the Foreman DB210, you can quickly and easily create strong joints in 11/2" and thicker stock. All you need is the
Foreman HD (Heavy-Duty) Drill Bit with Drill Guide. With this bit, you can easily build outdoor projects, construct strong deck rails, and even frame walls. An HD Replacement Bit without Drill Guide is also available.

If you'd like to stock up on standard Kreg drill bits for your Foreman, here is your item:
Hex Shank Pocket-Hole Drill Bit. And, if any of your Kreg bits are starting to dull, we offer a Drill-Bit Sharpening Service

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